European Labour House

European Labour House is a company which provides extensive service to everyone who is ready to travel to another country and work at full capacity applying all their knowledge, skills, and experience can get a job in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Americas and other countries.

Many rapidly developing companies worldwide are in need of diligent, capable, dedicated employees to boost their productivity and efficiency to the next level. By thoroughly studying all the requirements and adhering to the arrangements, we can find the right people within the appropriate timeframe.

Company’s Values


We do our work with full dedication and, having made sure to clearly understand your goal, we offer the best ways to achieve it. Our specialists thoroughly understand the business. Knowing all intricacies and problem areas allowed the company to develop effective solutions to ensure that the expectations of our customers are met.


Each of our specialists, as an employee who acts on behalf of the company, is responsible to clients for the result, timing and quality of services provided. People who work with us are competent, internally motivated and guided by a sense of personal responsibility. We trust each other, treat our customers with respect and actively interact in the interest of our customers.


We always provide accurate and verified information so that our customers are fully aware of all conditions, opportunities and requirements. We take care so that you could make the right decision. The right idea leads to the right choice and you get exactly what you want.


We will offer current vacancies in the countries of Europe and the Middle East, the internship programs or various immigration programs, taking into account your interests and requirements.

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